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DWI-lawyer-narragansett-riDWI Lawyers at Ramaeka Law Offices will protect your rights and help you navigate though the legal system. Driving Under the Influence is a serious charge.  A conviction carries substantial penalties, imprisonment, loss of your license, and can result in a permanent criminal record that will negatively affect you for the rest of your life.

Rhode Island DWI Penalties:
Fine: up to $500
Community service: up to 60 hoursDriver’s license suspension
Jail: up to 1 year
Penalties increase according to BAC, second and third convictions result in mandatory jail terms

Massachusetts DWI Penalties

First Offense
Fine: up to $5,000 
Jail: up to 2½ years
Driver's license suspension: up to 1 year 

Second Offense
Fine: up to $10,000
Jail: 30 days to 2½ years
Driver's license suspension: up to 2 years

Have you been charged with DWI/OUI/DUI- Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol? If you have, you will need an aggressive defense attorney to strenuously defend and assert your rights, because a conviction may affect you in the future. Narragansett RI DWI Lawyers from Rameaka Law Offices offer free consultation to discuss and evaluate your charge(s).

If you have been arrested for drinking and driving anywhere in Rhode Island, the advice and representation of an experienced criminal defense lawyer can help you avoid the worst consequences of a conviction. In some cases, we can get the prosecution to change the DWI charge to a non-alcohol related violation such as reckless driving. If we can present a defense on such grounds as unreliable Breathalyzer evidence or lack of probable cause to stop your vehicle, we'll even present your case at a suppression hearing or trial

The penalties upon conviction of a DWI can be severe — even on a first offense. Upon a first DWI conviction, you will lose your driver's license for at least 45 days, and your costs will usually be in excess of $1,000 — including a fine and the cost of a mandatory driver's education program. Conviction for a second DWI carries a mandatory license suspension of two years, with a one-year waiting period before you can apply for a hardship license (also called a Cinderella license). Consult with the Narragansett RI DWI Lawyers of Ramaeka Law today!

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