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Child Support is one of the most fought-over issues in divorce proceedings. You need a lawyer or attorney who will ensure a fair child support amount can be calculated. We have over 35 years of handling all aspects of child support cases in South Kingstown, RI and the surrounding areas.

Child support calculations are often quote simple. However there are considerations that allow for appropriate deviation from child support guidelines. You should retain an experienced child support lawyer in North Kingstown. You deserve a South Kingstown, RI child support lawyer who has actively fought for fair child support.

Often a parent has questions and concerns about child support that require assistance from a family law attorney with advanced experience with child support conflicts and the laws relating to child support. Questions can come up that require assistance from an experienced child support lawyer:

  • Do you think the other parent is purposely underemployed or not earning their full potential?
  • Do you think the other parent is not being truthful about their compensation?
  • Are there arguments over the distance to visit the child?
  • Are there considerations about paying for education, activities, or healthcare?

Our attorneys work closely with clients to resolve these often sensitive and disruptive issues in the most cost effective and timely manner. Our goals of open communication with clients, quick resolution of issues, and securing the most favorable outcome possible are never more paramount than when helping our clients deal with issues of home life and family. We pride ourselves on forming positive partnerships with our clients and in gaining positive outcomes.

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