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Category: Rhode Island Divorce Lawyer

A good Rhode Island divorce attorney is a must and should be selected on the merits of his or her competence in law, ability as well as experience in successfully fighting divorce cases and also being able to help you get your case referred to a matrimonial mediator as an alternative to expensive and long drawn out litigation.

The person you hire should formulate a strategy about how to contest the case, clients often do not have a clue about which the best options open to them are and it is the duty of the Rhode Island divorce attorney to educate the client and show them the best path to tread on.

The RI divorce attorney should be able to keep the client up-to-date on all matters relating to the divorce case and should also inform the client about all matters of law that will affect the case, and should help you make decisions on how to handle the case.

How to Find a Rhode Island Divorce Lawyer for Men

Getting divorced is hard enough. So find a Rhode Island divorce lawyer that you like and trust. Retaining a lawyer is probably one of the most important things you’ll do as you start your divorce proceedings. It’s important that you know how to find a RI divorce lawyer to guide you though this traumatic time in your life. Think about What Kind of Lawyer you Want or Need Is your soon to be ex getting nasty, perhaps threatening to take the kids away by making false allegations of abuse if so, you need an aggressive, hard-nosed lawyer who can slug…

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How to File for Divorce in Rhode Island

There are people who are pro to divorce, and there are those who have mixed emotions about this legal process. However, one thing is for sure, it is not easy to handle a broken marriage. There are married couples, no matter how hard they try, they can’t patch up their relationship. As highly cognizable, marriage is like a glass. Once it has been broken, even one of the couples or both of them try to fix it, the cracks remain. Nevertheless, humans do not have the right to force their partner to stay with them, especially if he or she…

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Pre-Marital Assets – Are They Solely Yours?

In a Rhode Island Divorce proceeding, you do not have the luxury of claiming any asset is “pre-marital” and then doing whatever you want to with it. Until your RI Divorce Judge determines that an asset is “pre-marital”, you must presume that it falls within the power of the Rhode Island Family Court. While you can certainly take the position that an asset is “pre-marital” in your divorce proceeding, it is not within your power to determine that an item is, in fact, “pre-marital” so that you can do whatever you like with the asset. In fact, taking an asset…

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Uncontested RI Divorces – Rhode Island Children Come First!

For each ten (10) calls I receive about how much it costs for a divorce each week, nine (9) of those calls describe the divorce situation as uncontested. Of those nine (9) divorces that are described to me as uncontested each week, eight (8) of them involve children. In any divorce involving minor children there could be any number of legal issues that the court will want to know about, including legal custody, physical placement, visitation, shared holidays and vacations with the minor children, tax deductions for each minor child, child support, health and dental insurance, medical, dental, orthodontic, optical…

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When Do Marital Property Claims End in a Rhode Island Divorce?

I went through that Nominal Hearing and my wife and I settled everything in our Property Settlement Agreement that we gave to the judge at our hearing.  I had a chance to buy into a great business so I did it.  That business is a major money maker and my partner and I are doing great in just our first month.  Now my wife is claiming she is entitled to half of my interest in that business.  My lawyer says that isn’t correct and she can’t touch it.  What do you think? Answer Well, there are a few details missing…

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The RI Secret: You Can be Your Own Rhode Island Divorce Lawyer!

Yes, you can be your own Rhode Island Divorce lawyer. First, you have the right to represent yourself in a legal proceeding. Second, if your divorce isn’t all that complicated then it’s more than possible that you can handle it, after all if attorneys learned how to do it through law school and then through law practice then it must be achievable, right? Certainly! Can you do it in every instance and still be effective? No, most likely not because some divorce cases are just too complicated and literally require the experience the comes with practicing Rhode Island Family Law…

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Child Support Coaching Tip

Do you have an uncontested RI divorce in Rhode Island’s Family Court?  Or do you hope for one? It’s easy to make the same mistake some Rhode Island attorneys practicing divorce make, namely that joint physical placement of your children so that you each have the child or children exactly 50% of the time means that neither parent pays child support to the other parent. The Rhode Island Child Support Guidelines are available to everyone at the Rhode Island Family Court Domestic Relations Clerk’s desk/office.  Even a quick read of Rhode Island’s Guidelines is informative and would put you on…

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More Uncontested Divorces in Rhode Island

Why does a Rhode Island Divorce Lawyer want to see more uncontested RI Divorces?  Doesn’t fighting and conflict in a Rhode Island divorce create a longer divorce and more fees for the attorney?  The answer to the second question is “Yes.”  So in light of that answer let me ask the first question again. Why does a Rhode Island Divorce Lawyer want to see more uncontested RI Divorces if the lawyer is going to make less money?  The answer is a simple one that most people wouldn’t expect to hear from a lawyer.  Here it is.  I care more about…

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The Steps to Take When Divorcing in Rhode Island

There is no doubt that marriage is a sacred union of two people who love each other and want to spend the rest of their lives together. An old adage says that marriage is not the same as a spoonful of hot rice that can be spit it out immediately if you are not able to tolerate the heat. Getting married is quite a process in itself, but ending a marriage can be quite a bit more complicated. Entering into a divorce proceeding in Rhode Island is a multistep process: If the divorce cannot be settled without litigation, you will…

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