• First, the state defines felony assault as any assault a) performed with a dangerous weapon or b) that results in a physical injury that is serious.
  • Second, a dangerous weapon is defined by the statute that can kill someone or cause serious bodily injury. These weapons may be guns, knives, fire, and acid, but are not limited to these.
  • Three, it is also a felony to perform an assault with any device that has been made to closely resemble a firearm. Any realistic firearm that is fake falls under this provision of the law.
  • Four, serious bodily (physical) injury is defined as one that means a significant risk of death, permanent or lasting loss or impairment, or disfigurement that is permanent. Examples include wounds from a gunshot(s), wounds from stabbing, and burns that are severe.
  • Five, Rhode Island classifies as a felony a simple assault that would ordinarily be a misdemeanor if it is committed a) with a specific intention or a particular purpose; b) against victims termed vulnerable under the statutes; or c) against certain public officials or employees. The specific intentions and purposes include intent to commit murder, sexual assault, robbery, or sodomy. Vulnerable victims are those over the age of 60, the impaired, and those under the care of child services if you are a member of that department. Public officials include, but are not limited to, police, prison officials, school teachers, and bus drivers.

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